Wooden Standing – Goddess Statue


6.410 kg


23 inches



The art of woodcarving has been the pride of Nepal for many centuries. Woodcarving in Nepal is par excellence a Newari art. Woodwork has been part of traditional architecture of Nepal and woodcarvings have graced monasteries, temples, palaces and residential homes. Woodcarving of Nepal has reached all over the world. Besides being the decorative of many individual residences it has covered many main parts of architecture and buildings known to the world.

This Wood Carving Institute at BIA Kirtipur aims to train the people with disabilities a form of woodworking to create wooden figures or figurines and other artistic wooden objects. The students will be taught carving skills ranging from intricate patterns of geometrical, floral, human and animal forms. Various wooden crafts such as wooden statues, crafted windows, wooden doors, wooden sculptures and other wooden artistic crafts are produced through this project.

Wooden Standing – Goddess Statue