Dhaka Shawl (Large)


220 gm


80 X 32 inches



For centuries, craftsmen from Nepal’s eastern and western development regions have woven the unique, pure cotton cloth known as Dhaka. Nepali Dhaka is an exquisite cotton fabric traditionally hand woven in several patterns and colors. The colorful designs have become one of Nepal’s most recognizable handicrafts. Weaving is done on wood and bamboo looms. It is gaining popularity in all cultures and around the world.

BIA’s Dhaka Institute trains group of ladies with different disabilities to weave Dhaka fabric. The colorful shawls are a result of their hard work and dedication woven using wooden looms. While weaving traditional designs, they also experiment with different modern designs and colors. It takes at most three weeks for them to create a large sized shawl with heavy designs while others in lesser time.

Dhaka Shawl (Large)