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Nepalese handicrafts, which have been a part and parcel of the Nepalese heritage, depict the great tradition and proud culture of this great Himalayan Kingdom. One of Nepal’s premier handicrafts, Dhaka has earned a place in many hearts.

Dhaka is more than a fabric – it’s a piece of history, culture and tradition. The fabric exudes a uniquely exotic and Nepali look making it an excellent traditional handicraft product. Dhaka is extremely versatile and can be used to make many things. Gifts and mementos in the form of shawls and caps made of Dhaka are popular which has helped to establish Dhaka throughout the country by developing a common bond of Nepali identity with the people.

Realizing the value of this craft in the domestic and international market and to create job opportunities for the disabled people in the society, the project was commenced on April 25, 2015. This BIA Dhaka Institute is an institute filled with women with different disabilities. They can be seen weaving colorful shawls and scarves of different sizes in their own handlooms. The project is targeted not only towards making quality products but also in creating formidable employment opportunities for disabled people in the society.