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Nepalese hand knotted woolen carpet is one of the major export products of unique qualities like texture, color combination, resiliency, strength and durability. Carpets add sophistication and comfort to any living space. Used for many purposes ranging from flooring to wall hanging to horse saddles, though the most common use is as a seating carpet, hand-knotted carpets are favorite choice of most people.

The art of carpet weaving is an old tradition in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal, especially in the mountainous region of the country. Nepalese carpet industry is the backbone of Nepalese economy. It is the highest industrial employment generator, particularly to the rural people who are illiterate or who are deprived of education, as well as the major foreign hard currency earner.

BIA Carpet Institute is an institute established at BIA foundation as its 11th project on 24th June 2016. This institute basically focuses on providing carpet weaving training and employment opportunities to people with disabilities as well as those underprivileged women who want to earn their life by their hard work and dedication. BIA aims to generate skillful people who can also preserve the traditional handicraft skills and also live a dignified life by being financially independent.

Yasodha Devi Rai
Carpet Institute Teacher