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Stitched with a special blend of patchwork, applique and embroidery techniques unique to the Himalayan region, these artworks are a rare form of thangka. The vivid mosaic of silk, intricately layered, hand stitched and brilliantly colored works of Tibetan applique art is inspiringly fascinating. The whole idea of commencing this project emerged from an informal visit of Chogyal Rinpoche to Boudha where he promptly saw an appliqué art of a deity called Avalokiteshvara. He found this artwork highly fascinating and immediately thought about transforming it into one of the projects.

Students in wheelchairs eagerly learning and engaging in this artwork share their experience that delving into this kind of activity is interesting and worthwhile. Apart from this, the institute has created a strong platform for the disabled suffering from spinal injury and other types of physical disabilities (who used to stay in Nepal Disabled Association without any work) by engaging them in this kind art work on the one hand and on the other hand, with free training opportunity which helps to create employment opportunities for them in the future.

Nima Tamang
Applique Thangka Teacher