With each passing year, there have quite a rise in number of BIA family. It’s not just the trainees but also their little ones who come to BIA everyday. As their parents cannot leave them alone at home with no one else to look after them, they tag along with their parents. There are currently 7 children aged 1-3 and some of them are already or almost at the age of going to school.

The schools are mostly operating online classes these days and it is unsure as to when things will start getting normal. The current scenario of COVID-19 makes it worrisome as well as unsafe for sending these young children to school and from financial perspective; it becomes a burden for them. The amount of time it requires for them to drop and pick up children along with other frequent visits is equally uncomfortable for them given their physical conditions. So, realizing the genuine need for a daycare center, we started this initiation within our premise on the auspicious occasion of Goddess Saraswati Puja.

This daycare does not only look after the children but is a center of learning as well under the care of a Teacher and a caretaker. We started this work believing it will ease the worries of the parents engaged with our projects while being a positive step for the development and safety of these children.