Guru Padmasambhava


4.515 Kg


15 inches



One of Nepal’s oldest living craft traditions, the statue institute has students learning the craft of making metal statues incorporating the antique metal work style. The bronze, brass and copper statuary is Nepal’s oldest living craft tradition, dating back at least 1300 years. Modern metal crafts are developed into fine mode based on antique metal work style. Metal Statues are of Buddhist deities in Tibetan style, although there are Newari styles of Buddhist and Hindu images.

Statues are used especially for religious purpose, home decoration as well as gifts. Statues are indispensable items for practitioners of every religion, both nationally and internationally, which is why this project is a part of BIA. As a recent addition to the BIA projects, the Statue Institute has started in BIA Kirtipur. A teacher, who is an experienced statue artisan, gives training and guidance to the students with disabilities on how to make metal statues.

Guru Padmasambhava