Nar Bahadur Tamang from BIA Bamboo Institute

Nar Bahadur Tamang, now 64 years old, was born in Khotang District of Nepal. He mostly grew up under the care of his grandparents and brother during his childhood as his father had passed away and his mother had remarried. But when he was 12, his brother also passed away and so he had no option but to go to his mother. Even at that young age, he helped his mother in the farm until he could no more.

When he was around 17/18 years, he suddenly fell sick and it led him to slowly lose his vision. Since it was a village, they didn’t have any hospitals to treat his condition in time. At first, he went to a hospital in Okhaldhunga but they claimed that he already had his nerves damaged and no treatment could be given. And then later, in hope of getting a different answer, the possibility to see the world again, one of his villagers helped him and took him to another hospital in Dharan, but to no avail.

After all those years, he finally came to Kathmandu when he was around 30 years to Nepal Apanga Sangh and started learning bamboo works while staying there. He was making good utilization of his times by engaging in the craft but then that project somehow stopped and he had nothing to do. Later, when BIA Foundation shifted to the current location, Narayantar, and he knew that the BIA Bamboo Institute was started, he came to join BIA Foundation four years ago. He says that he likes to come to BIA, talk with people, continue working with the bamboos while also being able to earn for himself. He has not returned to his village ever since he came to Kathmandu. The world he sees right now are from his memories 46 years ago yet he is sweet, cheerful, hardworking and loved by everyone.

Nar Bahadur Tamang from BIA Bamboo Institute

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