Great Ideas Show at Hardik Hotel

Great Ideas Show at Hardik Hotel, Kathmandu.

Most beautiful day in my life was 3rd January 2015 when was the final program of BIA Lets join hands , featuring Disabled people’s Great Ideas Show and a Talent show. It all started four weeks ago. I went to Hope Magazine office which is one of the best magazines in Nepal. I request them, BIA-Foundation wish to help as many Differently-abled people as possible. We need your hands. Since then BIA-Foundation and Hope Magazine started to work together collecting ides and proposals from whole Nepal through Radio, TV, Newspapers etc. We collected more than 200 proposals. In Last week audition we selected 80 people,  three days ago 23 and today in final we selected 7 proposals. One proposal is one BIA project. In each project ten Differently-abled people work together which means we created job for 70 people. And additionally we registered 75 people in five new projects. 1.Pashmina institute. 2.Bamboo Handy craft institute. 3. Wooden craft institute. 4. Tibetan carpet institute. 5. Mask making. Outcome of today program is that we created jobs and skill training for 145 disabled people. Thanks to all volunteers who made program very successful.

Great Ideas Show at Hardik Hotel
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