People with disabilities are generally regarded as dependent and a burden to their family. They are often treated as imbeciles and ignored. We at B.I.A are trying to spread awareness that they are in fact a powerful resource of the country.

For me, the basic principle of life has been to help other people. My interest to serving the people came with the knowledge that I was born as a Rinpoche, which simply means reincarnation (Avatari). Realizing the need of helping the underprivileged people, I started involving myself in social activities and established organizations to help underprivileged children and needy people.

Through B.I.A., we provide initial support by training them to generate various skills but also facilitate employment opportunity and contribute to the economic growth of the country. Initially starting with two projects, we now have a total of twelve projects where our friends with various physical disabilities are learning different skills depending upon their conditions and interests. Nepali culture and heritage has a special value in the international market. Through our handicraft projects, we intend to manufacture quality products and also preserve and promote our Nepali culture and heritage. We are working to extend our endeavors gradually throughout the country as sustainable projects.

Life is all about transformation. Through B.I.A., we seek to transform lives of the needy by encouraging them to be independent and generating skills in them, practicing love and compassion so that they can also help others. Through this message, I would also like to ask the support of all helping hands to encourage their valuable ideas and support. Let’s get together and make a better world.

Help others; Life is beautiful

Chogyal Rinpoche